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Dakar Rally 2018: Hero´s Oriol Mena - ´The stage looked longer than it was´

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Hero Team´s Oriol Mena continued with his great form Wednesday as well to finish the first leg of the Marathon at 9th position. This result allowed him to break into the overall top 10 position at the 10th spot. After having a forgetful day on Tuesday, CS Santosh played it steady to gain as much ground as he could in the last few remaining stages. He did really well to reach the Fiambala bivouac to finish the stage at 33rd place which now takes him to the overall ranking of 34 at the end of stage 11.

"This was another important first leg of the Super Fiambala Marathon stage. The starting order for was mixed with trucks and cars so it was really confusing in the beginning," said Oriol Mena. "The navigation as well was quite tough and the soft sand made it quite physically exhausting, making the stage look longer than it was. But everything went very well, the bike was working great. I am happy to make it to the bivouac."

C.S Santosh reported: "I was still very tired still from Tuesday so my mission was tomake it to the marathon bivouac. I am happy to be here as I got another tough day in the bag."


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