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Minas Rally Brasil: New opener of Brazilian Championship in exuberant nature

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With the "Minas Rally Brasil" the Brazilian Rallyraid Championship "Campeonato Brasileiro de Rally Cross Country e Rally Baja" will offer a new rally for Cars, Motobikes, SSV and Quads/ATV to open the 2018 local season from 9th-11th of March 2018. Host will be the city of Conceição do Mato Dentro, well known for their natural beauties and adventure tourism, former host of different sporting events but the first time for a national Rally-Championship round.

Organized by the company "Rallymakers" with the fully support of the muncipality of Conceição do Mato Dentro, the Rally will start with a 5-kilometer Prologue inside the city-area as an open show for spectators and fans, followed by two timed stages of 150 kms each, so 300 kms overall. The organizers are promising exciting and diversified stages with mountains, stones, trial-sections, many curves, fast and open areas or steep up-and-downs.

"We are very happy with the open-minded cooperation with Conceição do Mato Dentro," said Rallymakers-CEO Fernando Bentivoglio. "This city and region not only offers all what you need for a good rally, it also offers the competitors a sensational and beautiful landscape including the third largest waterfall (Cachoeira do Tabuleiro) in Brazil."

The three-day Rally is located at the airport of Conceição do Mato Dentro, a perfect rallybase including fuel-stations, garages, restaurants, hotels etc which will be also open and easy reachable for the spectators. "This Rally will be a spectacular event, for the competitors as for the spectators. It will be a new attraction for the city and region and together with the local gouvernment it is our idea to install Conceição do Mato Dentro as a good name for offroaders."

For the Mayor of of Conceição do Mato Dentro, José Fernando Aparecido de Oliveira, the rally is a welcomed event for his city and region - an instance every rally-organizer would be happy with. "This is a perfect moment to host an event of this size and we´re offering our fully cooperation," he said. "We hope this will boost the name of Conceição do Mato Dentro, well known as a mining-capital and for it´s tourism offers. It´s an interesting challenge to combine this event with our demands as an environmental-friendly tourism region."

A win-win situation for both, the region and organizer. "I'm sure it will be an emblematic competition, as we will go through places that preserve part of the history of the colonial period, with typical architecture from the 18th century, with churches, chapels and mansions," added Rally-organizer Fernando Bentivoglio. The technical level of the course is extremely high, with obstacles that rescue the ancient spirit of the cross-country rally. "Pilots and navigators should be prepared to face a very difficult rally."

The organizer is motivating the competitors also to make this rally to their personal family-event: "It's worth the hint: Take your family and friends. The region has an exuberant nature, with several tours available for tourists."

Minas Rally Brasil Schedule

Friday, March 9th, 2018
09:00 AM - Opening Rally HQ
10:00 AM - Scrutineering
08:30 PM - Ceremonial Start

Saturday, March 10th, 2018
07:00 AM - Prologue
09:30 AM - SS01 Bikes / Quads / SSV
12:00 PM - SS01 Cars

Sunday, March 11th, 2018
08:00 AM - SS02 Bikes / Quads / SSV
10:30 AM - SS02 Cars
03:30 PM - Prize Giving Ceremony

Photos: Rafael dos Reis Pereira / CC Licence / P1media Marcelo Machado



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