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Morocco Desert Challenge: Czech Tatra Pilot Ales Loprais third after SS02

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Sorry, we like to give you more updates about the Morocco Desert Challenge, but there are no official news in English available. So herewith the report of the Czech Tatra Team of Ales Loprais. Already the first two stages of Morocco Desert Challenge have shown how difficult the whole event is. But Loprais is doing well so far and is currently third in the truck category. Not even three different punctures throughout the stage two have managed to stop him.

In the prologue on Sunday, Ales Loprais managed to finish second, less than a minute behind Van Kasteren with Renault. Those 70 kilometers were just a taste of what followed on Monday. The opening stage was almost 500 kilometers long and took almost six hours.

"It was a really difficult stage. We had got into the lead at the beginning, but then we made a mistake in navigation and lost about five places," said Ales Loprais after the stage. "Unfortunately, we got behind one of the MAN trucks and we couldn't lose it for another 200 kilometers. I haven't seen that for a while! Then in the neutralization zone, we changed two of our tyres, which were in quite a bad shape," said Loprais. He finished the stage despite a puncture on his right rear tyres.

Aleš Loprais, Ferran Marco Alcayna and Petr Pokora are currently third in the standings in the truck category, about 18 minutes behind the leading Martin Van den Brink.

Overall Standings TRUCKS Top 10 after SS02

01) Van den Brink / Van den Brink / De Graaf I Renault I 07:08:14 I 00:00:00
02) Voerman / Stubbs / Kupper I MAN I 07:14:46 I 00:06:32
03) Loprais / Janda / Alcayna I Tatra I 07:28:16 I 00:20:02
04) Huzink / Antonius / Buursen I Renault I 08:08:08 I 00:59:54
05) Jacinto / Marques / Cochinho I MAN I 08:53:18 I 01:45:04
06) Bouwens / Berghmans / Boerboom I Iveco I 09:00:19 I 01:52:05
07) Verheyden / Keysers / Schildermans I DAF I 09:00:49 I 01:52:35
08) Versluis / Pronk / Klein I MAN I 09:02:40 I 01:54:26
09) Schoones / Van der Donk / Schoones I DAF I 09:25:20 I 02:17:06
10) Timmermans / Vervoort / Roothans I DAF I 09:35:17 I 02:27:03

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