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Tuareg Rally 2018: Bowler to start with five new Bulldog and Bowler-Support

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British Rallycar-manufacturer Bowler is returning to its extreme racing roots in a few weeks at the Tuareg Rally Morocco. In its first race in 2018, the Derbyshire based company will support five Bowler Bulldog competing customers with a full racing service and support package. The week-long Amateurrally covers 2,300 kms including two desert bivouacs and a marathon-stage for the first time with 16 cars overall competing in the race.

The Bowler Bulldog is the first of the marque´s cars to be based on the company´s new patented Cross Sector Platform (CSP). This rolling chassis has been developed over the last three years in a project backed by the UK Gouvernment, offering a multi-use vehicle platform which can be utilised for a range of vehicle applications including on-road, off-road, emergency response, defence and protection, filming, utility and exploration.

Bowler also utilises its extensive expertise to offer Driver Training and "Arrive and Drive" packages for those who would like to compete in a Rally Raid race, but prefer not to purchase a car of their own. The Bowler factory team will be supporting competitors in a further four Rally Raid events this year including:

- Morocco Desert Challenge (April)
- Baja Aragon Spain (July)
- Rally du Maroc (October)
- Africa Eco Race (December)

"We are looking forward to our first race of the year, both to provide our five Bowler Bulldog competitors with a great service and experience but also to further put our new Cross Sector Platform through its paces," said Andrew Chester, Bowler Racing Manager. "The new format of the Tuareg Rally should be interesting and this is a race which really can be won or lost on navigation, so the partnership between driver and navigator is critical."

Photos: Bowler Motorsport



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