Breslau Rally Poland: MB 6x6 - Sometimes it has to be big and heavy duty

Hansy Schekahn June 15, 2018

"Once infected by the ´Breslau-Virus´, you can't get rid of it," says the North-German transport entrepreneur Ralf Neubert, who has been part of the Rallye Breslau Poland ...

Breslau Rally Poland: Biggest Central European Rally before the start

Hansy Schekahn June 14, 2018

From June 29th until July 7th the northwest of Poland will roar again: Also in 2018 the organizers of the biggest Marathonrally in Central Europe are proud to say: "The legend lives on!" ...

Breslau Rally Poland: UK´s Off Road Legend Jim ´Gigglepin´ Marsden returns

Hansy Schekahn May 09, 2018

It´s always an honour for an organizer to have very big names on the starting-list. One of the really big off-road celebrities in the 2018 Rally Breslau Poland is Jim Marsden, the most succes ...

Breslau Rally Poland: The Beast from the West - GINAF-DAF-MAN-URAL Racetruck

Hansy Schekahn May 03, 2018

Are there only trucks in the Breslau Rally Poland? No, for sure. And we will report also about other competitors and categories in the next days. But again we have a very special truck, especially ...

Breslau Rally Poland: Breslau 500 - the 500-kms 3-day Rally in the Rally

Hansy Schekahn May 02, 2018

Less than 2 months to start: From June 30th until July 7th the legendary "Rallye Breslau Poland", founded in 1995, will start again in the north-west of Poland. In this year, the biggest ...

Breslau Rally Poland: Rally Premiere of Mid-Engine Mercedes Unimog Prototype

Hansy Schekahn April 24, 2018

Prototypes of Peugeot, X-raid Mini or Overdrive Toyota are the faces for rallies like the "Dakar" - and truck prototypes are one of the faces of the "Rallye Breslau Poland", the ...

Breslau Rally Poland: Unique Breslau Legend and winner Girousse will be back

Hansy Schekahn March 26, 2018

Breslau Rally Poland, in the early 2000´s. Our first Breslau as journalists. We were sitting in our press-tent. A French guy in an dirty shirt and woozily hair was walking in our direction wi ...

Breslau Rally Poland: Big-trucks Extreme winners will fight back with MAN

Hansy Schekahn March 21, 2018

The Breslau Rally in Poland, the biggest licence-free Crosscountry Rally in the heart of Europe, opened the registrations and day by day more competitors subscribe for the 2018 edition. In 2018 the ...

Breslau Rally Poland: Breslau 500 category new chapter in 20-years history

Hansy Schekahn March 14, 2018

When the Breslau Rally in Poland started in 1995, nobody had an idea how the motorsport will be more than 20 years later. The participants were enthusiasts, driving in short pants and t-shirts, wit ...

Breslau Rally Poland: Registrations are open - new Breslau 500 weekend race

Hansy Schekahn March 06, 2018

The Rallye Breslau International Association (RBI) opened the registrations for the licence-free "Rallye Breslau Poland" and "Balkan Offroad Rallye" 2018. For this, the organiza ...

Breslau Rally Poland: Organizers of Breslau-Rally announce Breslau 500 Race

Hansy Schekahn February 16, 2018

For more than 20 years the licence-free "Breslau Rally" in the north-west of Poland was not only unique in its style and familiar, licence-free idea, it was also the biggest one-week Rall ...









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