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BMW X6 as 900 HP hard-core edition Manhart MHX6 Dirt² concept for 400K Euros

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A few years ago the Geman based company Manhart, specialized in refining vehicles from the BMW M-GmbH, built the first Manhart MHX6 Dirt Edition. Based on the first generation X6 the Dirt Edition received the potential to actually do some serious offroading. Now the Germans took this project one step further. The new codename is Manhart MHX6 Dirt² Concept and there will only be five of them. 

Based on the BMW X6M the car is incredible in any way. Manhart pumped up the engine to some ridiculous 900HP and 1200Nm of torque. To reach that level of power the engine was reworked completely, fitting in new pistons, new connecting rods and upgrading the turbos. A special Carbon Airintake is on the agenda as well as an upgraded cooling system for hot countries and special brakes. To handle the 1200Nm the MHX6 Dirt² has a heavy duty transmission as well as a strengthened rear axle.

But if you think you have a perfect rallycar, you are wrong. "The MHX6 Dirt² will not be for racing. It will be for heavy offroading," Christoph Erfurt of Manhart said. To insure this, the car has a KW spring kit, 21“ Concave One Rims with 305x40 BF Goodridge All Terrain tires and a limited slip differential.

Outside the MHX6 Dirt² is fitted with an external roll cage which also allows to carry a spare-wheel on the trunk. The cars internal organs will be covered by some heavy duty underbody protection panels. Further there are optional bull bars for the export market, a winch and a snorkel - the hood bytheway is made from carbon fibre.

Also the interior was reworked. Manhart fitted bucketseats into the Dirt² as well as individual seats in the back to guarantee maximum stability for passengers. A fridge will be one more feature potential customers can be pleased with.

Since each of the five Dirt² will be highly customized and handcrafted, 395.000€ will be required to buy one. And Manhart knows, who will be the customers: "The MHX6 Dirt² is a stunning project which we all want to see on some middle eastern dunes." 

Photos: Manhart


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