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Citroen to launch all-new DS7 Crossback under DS-label

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2018 sees the launch of a world premiere for DS Automobiles, the luxury label of Citroen. DS 7 Crossback is an SUV with a strong personality, and proportioned to embody a balance between comfort and style, and leads with many desirable features. Taking the first step towards autonomous driving, innovative technologies such as DS Active LED Vision, DS Connected Pilot and DS Driver Attention Assist increase safety, comfort and peace of mind for both the driver and the passengers.

For the exterior, a new diamond-effect grille, horizontal chrome DS Wings and LED rotating headlamps create dynamic lines on the body front, while the interior is available with a choice of four DS Inspiration ambiences reflecting the DS concept of even more personalisation options.

With its LED light signatures, unique interior stitching techniques, and the motorised watch by B.R.M placed on the dashboard, as featured on DS E-Tense concept, DS 7 Crossback represents the brand’s vision for the future. The SUV will be available with a plug-in hybrid petrol drivetrain with 300hp and 4X4, a new latest-generation Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8-speeds, a THP S&S 225hp engine and two electric motors.

The new SUV features a plug-in hybrid petrol drivetrain. The additional energy supplied by the two electric motors (up to 80kW each and 90kW combined) to the petrol engine takes power available to 300hp. This version has three possible operating modes: 100% electric, hybrid, or combined. The battery regenerates when the vehicle decelerates (throttle off or while braking). In all-electric use, the 13 kW/h battery delivers range of up to 37 miles. This efficiency is helped by optimised aerodynamics. In standard mode, charging takes 4.5 hours. In fast mode, it can take less than 2.5 hours, with a 6.6 kW charger that plugs into a 32A socket.

Alongside the E-Tense hybrid, DS 7 Crossback will ultimately be available with a choice of five powerful, highly-efficient, high-torque internal combustion engines compliant with the Euro 6.2 standard and will also premiere the new-generation Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8-speeds (EAT8): three petrol power units (THP 225 S&S EAT8, THP 180 S&S EAT8, PureTech (twice voted engine of the year in 2015 and 2016) 130 S&S 6-speed manual) and two Diesel units (BlueHDi 130 S&S - with a choice of 6-speed manual or EAT8 - and the BlueHDi 180 EAT8).

These engines endow DS 7 Crossback with a broad-range of character and performance. The state-of-the-art technologies (injection pressure of 200bar for the THP engine, Stop&Start systems, etc.) keep CO2 emissions on a par with the best-in-class.




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