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Dakar Rally 2018: Czech Liaz Team of Martin Macik surprisingly 4th overall

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Big, yellow, rarely: The Liaz racetruck of the Czech Martin Macik junior. In SS06 Macek and his copilots Frantisek Tomaszek and Michal Mrkva have kept their excellent 4th position in the overall truck rankings as they finished the stage as the fifth fastest truck. "It was beautiful. From the dunes we like to rest for a while," Macik said with a smile.

"We're already in the dirt, it was raining for a while. Drifting, narrow paths, madness, we love it, that's our deviation, under this conditions we trained in the Czech Republic for the whole year," added codriver Tomaszek. "After a jump we got such a bum in our heads that we were frightened to finish the stage," mechanic Michal Mrkva said.

"Of course, everyone was looking forward to Friday when Dakar has a day off and will give space for all the ordinary things like eat, sleep, shave. The Big Shock Racing team has a great mood after the first half of the Dakar and we all enjoy the great results," the team finalized.

Photos: Big Shock Team


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