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Dakar Rally 2018: Quad rider Kees Koolen - ´Penalty for Sainz is too lenient´

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Quad rider Kees Koolen, who was involved in an maybe accident caused by Peugeot-driver Carlos Sainz, is very angry. "I think if I would be dead, it would have been a lot easier for Peugeot and Carlos because then I wouldn't be able to talk anymore," he now said in an interview with the online magazine "".

He also criticised Dakar organisers, saying "nobody came to ask me what happened" before the penalty verdict, and argued the issue went beyond Sainz. "It's not about Carlos, I think it's wrong to talk about that. It is about the situation," Koolen added. "This is an example that the cars should care about safety. If somebody is in danger, you help each other. And they didn't do these things."

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